Physicians Assistant Education Association

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WordPress Theme

This project, a responsive website for PAEA’s stakeholder summit, represented a big leap forward in my growth as a developer. Not only was I responsible for all of the front-end development, but also all of the WordPress development, including creating a custom theme by building from scratch all of the page templates, including a custom post type, and implementing various post formats and special functions. (Some features will not be visible until after the summit.)

A key part of the project was the use of a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), which enabled me to create the custom fields and field groups needed for the site and to present them in a user-friendly interface. For example, when the client logs into to edit a page, for example, she can browse through clearly labeled tabs to find the right section of a page to edit. Fields with titles such as “page summary” or “video caption” make it easy for her to identify the the correct field.

As much as I enjoyed learning about PHP, I also had a lot of fun with CSS animations on this project. Arrows, boxes, and logos move, a photo zooms, and a dashed bar gently elegantly spreads out from below nav items. I hope these small details delight end users as much as they delighted me when I build them.