Mayor's Fund for Philadelphia

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Website Redesign

I enjoyed having myriad roles with this project. I conducted a content audit of its current site and drafted a competitive analysis, comparing the sites of similar organizations to the Mayor’s Fund. These documents helped give the project team and the client a solid foundation from which to begin this project.

One of the client’s goals for this project was to communicate with users the connection between its projects and Fund’s priorities, so when I drafted the wireframes for the project, I addressed that goal by pairing each of the Fund’s priorities with an icon and each project with its corresponding icons. The icons created visual shorthand that helped that user make that important connection between the projects supported by the Fund and the Fund’s priorities.

In addition to the wireframes, I also played a key role in the front-end development for the site, drafting the markeup and styling for all pages, and ensuring that the site was responsive. I had a chance to use Sass, a CSS preprocessor, and Bootstrap. Git and GitHub were used to manage version control, so I had a chance to enhance those skills.

When a beta of the site was complete, we conducted user testing of site. I drafted the user-testing script and interviewed four users.

After the launch I drafted a case study on the project; read it here.